doBiz - A New and Effective Payroll Management System

doBiz a Payroll Management System to help companies control every aspect of payroll procedures flawlessly.

doBiz have used their extensive resources to come up with a payroll system software (SaaS) that is all set to serve various businesses, charities, public sector bodies and other well-known organizations with its state of the art features. Apart from ensuring hassle free services that make it easier to attend large scale payroll tasks, the software program will also help to maintain a paper free working environment and increase overall efficiency and accuracy.

doBiz, an enterprise software is all set to launch at the Office Expo Asia 2016 Singapore at Marina Bays Sands (29 June, 2016). The doBiz software allows end users to perform a range of functions such as calculate PF for the employees, maintain detailed records of employee leaves and absences, manage all employee updates, manage inventories for stores, carry out online taxation process, manage various types of accounts, handle income tax returns and generate invoices for transactions. Handling PF details of employees and keeping track of their leaves and absences gets pretty complex in large firms with many employees. However, the new doBiz software offers a wide range of user features that will render such tasks with ease. The same also goes for preparing online taxation documents and calculating income tax returns. 

One of the best things about using an online payroll system (SaaS) like doBiz is that the companies will not face the inconvenience while running their payroll software locally on their PC. The significant benefit offered by an online system is that you can enjoy regular and free updates to your payroll software as well as to payroll tax tables. doBiz provides you independence from installing any software on the local PC and the user no longer needs to bear expenses associated with hardware and software maintenance. doBiz also enable Reliable Archival, Effective SME Payroll, Easy-Leave Management, Accurate Salary Calculation, Easy Fund Transfer, Easy-to-use Interface

The support will be easily accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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